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Everything you need to

Make Referral Hiring Work

WhistleTalk is an online referral hiring application
for businesses to find and hire the best talent

Hire on the go. WhistleTalk is also available on iOS and Android Devices

A referral program made for key stakeholders

Clear referral program metrics Dashboard to monitor & increase employee participation A transparent process that ensures privacy & encourages participation Simple to apply and stay updated
A Referral Hiring Application that delivers results.


Social Recruiting

Leverage the power of social media and the social networks of your employees to reach out to new talent and connect with them.

Robotic recruiter
& Matching engine

Intelligent job to candidate matching reduces the effort required by employees and ensures that their friends are notified of relevant jobs.

No Spam

The job-to-candidate matching engine
helps employees reach out only to friends,
relevant for a particular job.

Employees control all the job related
messages sent to their friends.


Create unique challenges to engage employees.
Track engagement through leaderboards.

Mobile Referrals

Our mobile app lets your employees show and share
your jobs with their friends anytime, anywhere.
What’s more, we’re available on iOS and Android!

Candidate Delight

The single–click apply feature makes it easy for candidates
to show interest. Timely notifications keep them up to date
on the status of their application.

Visibility Throughout

Keep everyone informed throughout the hiring process, especially your employees & candidates.

Candidate Targeting

Use a combination of parameters to target
the right candidate

Participation Rewards

Reward employees at every step of the
hiring process and increase participation.
Keep employees engaged in your referral

Job Management

Monitor your referral program in real-time and
use the built-in tools to boost results for
priority jobs.
Use batch upload to easily post and manage
multiple job openings.

Actionable Reports

Periodic reports to track key metrics like employee
participation, social reach and referred resumes.

ATS Integration

Designed for integration with leading Applicant
Tracking Systems (ATS).

Make referral hiring a seamless plug-in to your
existing HR processes.

And we are enterprise ready

Privacy Honoured


100% Permission Based

High Performance


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